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There’s a first time for everything.

August 10, 2011

Hey sweet friends! I apologize for my absence over the past few days. This weekend, I went home with my boyfriend to celebrate his birthday with his family, complete with lots of yummy chocolate cake and Super Smash Brothers playing (by Drew and his brother and sister, not by me since I chose Samantha the American girl doll over a Gameboy back in third grade and have never quite caught up since then).

There’s been some excitement in my life — I realized that I lost both my debit AND credit card right before leaving for Drew’s house on Friday. I think they accidentally fell out of their pouch, which is attached to my keys. I’ve ordered new copies of both but in the meantime, I’m surviving solely on cash money – living on the edge and all.

Monday morning, though – that’s when things got really interesting.

This is my planner, which I love dearly and use to meticulously record every day’s activities.

This is what it has to say about Monday.

Basically, I passed out three times after waking up, and the paramedics came (at least five of them and so quickly! that’s encouraging just in case anything ever happens), checked me out, and told me I needed to go to the hospital or to urgent care. Enter Drew — superhero boyfriend. Lemme tell ya, if I ever had any doubts about Drew’s loyalty, all of them have been dispelled. He’s definitely seen me at my worst this year. We spent a couple hours at the urgent care center and I had my vitals taken, my blood drawn, and an EKG test done. I’ll pause here and tell you that I’ve always been pretty healthy. Besides being hospitalized as an infant for a couple of weeks due to a serious, still unknown illness, I’ve never had to go to the hospital for any reason. Never broken a bone, never gotten stitches, never even had allergies, zilch, nada. And I’ve definitely never passed out, but evidently, there’s a first time for everything.

Back to Monday morning’s craziness – having my blood taken was not very fun. I’ve been told I have shallow veins before and boy, was that true. The nurse couldn’t find any in my arms and decided to use a butterfly needle in my right hand. The blood started to come out and then stopped and literally did not come out at all. She told me this was a sign of dehydration and tried the other hand, which thankfully worked! My EKG test results were irregular, so the doctor told me I would probably need to see a cardiologist and a neurologist later in the week but that they would call me to schedule appointments.

I received a phone call last night and it turns out that I have hypothyroidism, which means my thyroid is underperforming. Some symptoms are: low metabolism, cold intolerance, low body  temperature, Raynaud’s phenomenon (this seems to run in my family – basically, your feet and hands turn purple and blue), being prone to dehydration and dry mouth, dizziness, sensitivity to alcohol, fatigue,  and trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. The doctor prescribed me Synthroid, which is a pill that is taken each morning before breakfast and is basically a synthetic hormone to replace what my body is not doing a good job of making for itself. The pharmacist said that it would do nothing but make me feel better and more energized, but if I start to have side effects then obviously I’ll rethink the medication. I’m supposed to go back to the doctor in six weeks to have my blood tested again.

I did some research to see if there were any dietary concerns associated with hypothyroidism. I’m primarily supposed to avoid alcohol, calcium and iron supplements, walnuts, and soy. Also on the list of things to eat in moderation are these raw veggies – broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, mustard greens, radishes, rutabagas, spinach, and turnips. Whaaat? How will I survive? Just kidding, it will fine. I didn’t find this dietary info on my actual prescription, so I think it will be fine to eat normally on the medicine. Interesting, nonetheless.

I’ll keep you updated on how things go over the course of the next few weeks!

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