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May 25, 2011

(I apologize for all of the iPhone pictures. It’s been two weeks since I took my camera back to Best Buy to be repaired/replaced and so far, no news yet!)

This weekend, someone asked me, on a scale of 1-100%, how back to “normal” I am now. I said 70%, but I think that might be a little too optimistic. I’ve begun to have more trouble sleeping and it’s been increasingly difficult to control my thoughts and be at peace, especially with all of the natural disasters lately. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still happy and so thankful for everything, but some days are better than others. The realization of it all has been hitting me unexpectedly – when I hear a train noise, when I ride in  a car, when I look for something nice to wear. Watching a tornado almost hit the town in Oklahoma where many of my relatives live  yesterday was horrible. It nearly missed them and they are all safe. I wouldn’t wish what I went through on any other human being, and I know that what happened on April 27 is very rare.  At some moments lately, the world seems like a horribly dangerous place. I hate it because that view of things and that person is so different from who I was this time last year. I think, though, that most of those feelings are due to the shock of it all and the healing process, which I expect will take a while. I know life will eventually seem normal again. I know things will get better.

One of my dad’s students brought him a few dragonfruit last week and he coaxed me into trying a slice this weekend. My dad traveled to Asia over spring break this year and I loved getting to hear about the different kinds of exotic fruits he was able to buy at the markets there. A dragonfruit looks kind of like a green and hot pink artichoke on the outside, and peels away to reveal a fleshy pink-rimmed white fruit with black seeds. The texture is kind of like a kiwi but it tastes like a whole lot of nothing.  My dad is known for being adventuresome with his eating. I’ll never forget the time we were wandering around a market in Poitiers, France, and my dad came across a man with a huge tank of live eels. My dad wanted to try one, so as my sister and I looked on in horror, the man scooped one out of the tank, plopped its squirming body on a grill and smashed it down until the poor little guy was crispy. If you’re wondering, grilled eel tastes like fish.

My parents get up at 4:30 every morning to go to a class at the gym or to run outside. I don’t know how they do it. My mom is one of the most chipper people you will ever meet and she is on fire that early morning. I’ve been to that class with them a few times in the past and our car rides over there consist of her talking and blasting the radio and me groggily nodding and mhmm-ing.  Their fellow gym buddies who also attend the class religiously have become good friends – perhaps because of the shared pain to which they subject themselves each and every weekday morning. One of their gym buddies told my dad and mom that she was going to make my family a special dessert a couple of weeks ago. Said dessert didn’t appear. The next week, she told my dad that she had made the dessert as planned but her family had “accidentally” eaten it themselves. She tried making it again and this time, it made it to my house! Imagine every good and sinful thing in a single bowl — that’s what this Paula Deen dessert is. I’m not sure what all is in it, but so far, we’ve found chocolatey brownies, whipped cream, peanut butter layers, and pieces of Reese’s cups. I can only imagine how much butter this involved. The picture below doesn’t do it justice at all. I’m telling you, this thing was  a monster.

I hate to admit it, but one of my favorite parts about living in Auburn for the summer is having an Earthfare five minutes away from my house. There’s just something very comforting about walking the aisles and seeing (mostly) healthy food, a lot of it unfamiliar to me. So many things to try. When I first stepped foot in Earthfare last July, it was the day I returned to the U.S. My dad worried threatened to take away my debit card, worrying that I would go crazy and buy all the organic peanut butter and wheatgrass in sight. It didn’t happen. It still hasn’t. I just like to look. Drew’s made a few trips to the Mecca of grocery stores with me (there’s now even one in Montgomery!) and he laughs at how I just take my time wandering around.

This lunch has happened twice since I’ve been home. The sushi chef is always so nice, offering to make me a new roll if I don’t see something that I like. I like their veggie rolls — the carrots, cucumber, and avocado are always fresh and the rice is perfectly cooked. I tried this vanilla seltzer yesterday because Caroline and I were slightly repulsed but also curious about it. It was surprisingly pleasant, like the lightest cream soda possible. I love drinks with bubbles. If only wine had bubbles.

Last, but certainly not least, the most important event of my week was probably finding out that Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring cost $2 milion.
Just kidding, it was taking the GRE this morning. I had been studying  for the past couple of weeks and did pretty well, especially when I take into the consideration the stress I’ve been dealing with and all of the anxiety over the storms in Oklahoma yesterday.  James Spann says spring tornado season for Alabama  should be over by Friday — I hope he’s right because I’m ready  for all of us to be able to relax a little more.

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  1. katherine overton permalink
    May 26, 2011 3:33 am

    Health food stores ❤ you're right they really are one of the best parts of being home!

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